Fashion Students

This is the decade for fashion students to design for wheelchair living! Finally, all over the world, fashion schools are recognizing there is a real need for modern, well designed wheelchair fashion. And when the designers have personal, hands-on experience, that makes a difference! 


In the ABC article, two Australian fashion students explain how they are designing wheelchair fashion, from the perspective of someone living in a wheelchair. They know how uncomfortable regular fashion can be to wear. Not only awkward, but inconvenient, and even dangerous when wheeling.

Watch this video, and read the ABCNews article here.

Sweden & Fashion Freaks

The Swedish Independent Living Institute is the home and funder for this site. Contributors are Meagan Whellans who is originally from Australia and has a degree in textiles from R.M.I.T. a Melbourne university, and a wheelchair user herself. Susanne Berg is co-director of Independent Living Institute, a freelance writer and analyst from Sweden. Both young women are wheelchair users.

They admit their designs are not for those who need easy caregiver dressing. They speak to those who have use of their arms and can or want to sew their own (DIY) clothing from the patterns they provide -FREE for personal use!

They made a few basic designs for the seated person, and encourage you to make creative changes as you gain confidence in them.

Before you go there, I want to make you aware it is important to read all the "important" info first. Otherwise you may be disappointed. Free patterns are different!


Free Patterns

From any pattern site, you can download free patterns. The key word is "download"! When you are used to unfolding a tissue or paper pattern with full size pieces to lay on your fabric, it takes more time to prepare a downloaded pattern. It comes in sections, each to fit on regular printer paper, then you have to match it all up, and tape it together.

Like regular patterns they come in several sizes, but the Fashion Freaks patterns do not include large/plus sizes.

This site is also worth browsing for the DIY alterations to regular clothing.

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