How women in wheelchairs can
"be wheelchair fashion able"!

If you, like other men and women in wheelchairs, want to wear modern comfortable functional fashion, welcome!

Are you living with a spinal cord injury? Maybe you have a neurological disease like my late sister who lived with ALS (Lou Gerigh's Disease). Maybe you have arthritis? Maybe your elderly parent still wants to look sharp. Or are you a caregiver and you want to help someone get dressed without pain?

Hi, my name is Elsa. 

My hope is that on this site, you will be inspired and empowered by  learning how to find the fashions you want and need; and maybe fix the function of clothes you need ... and like! 

Here's our Plan

We'll cover: 

  • Where to find specially designed clothing.
  • How to shop at retail stores to find fashionable, comfortable clothes that are possible to get into.
  • How to adapt regular fashion.

Here's our Goal

Be yourself:
your personality in clothing designed or suitable as wheelchair fashion! (I'll even show you how to pick the right-sizes - without trying on); and it's not hard or expensive to be able to dress pain-free.
(See where my site name came from?)

That means we'll find out:

  • why exactly, regular clothes hurt, 
  • what exactly, makes specially designed fashion work better 
  • how exactly, to add functional features needed for not-obvious-to-everyone practical reasons. 

Let's find out how to build a wardrobe for your needs,
with BOTH function AND.. fashion flair?! Ready?

But wait a minute..

What's the need?

What are your needs exactly, anyway?

Are you:
paraplegic and go to work,
or do you have a caregiver at home,
or have you have retired to a nursing home,
or do you live in senior’s independent living?


Here's the Point

Whatever your needs, everyone is a unique person inside. That is what you want to show others, by the way you dress.  

So of course you may be as fussy as the next person about color, coordinating, style, etc. Also, let's make every dollar count!

Here's the Problem:

...there are so many variables among bodies! Are you

  • a sit and can-stand person, 
  • a sit and can-move (the chair)person, 
  • or a sit-still wheelchair user? 

Can you use your arms? Your hands? Can you lift your legs, your seat?From ALS to sci, arthritis to ... you name it, there is such a diversity of situations and needs for all ages of women in wheelchairs.

Here's the Sad Truth

Any one source 
simply can't = doesn't 
design and/or manufacture for all needs,
all styles and all ages!

That is the reality today... yet. Let me help you sort it all out.

Manufacturers and designers have to have "niches".
And I've figured them out.

Here's the Help 

Let me help you sort it all out, because I've analyzed it all already,
 when my sister got degenerative Lou Gherig's Disease. 
Together, we went from hard .. to harder ... to hardest dressing,
...and to the end, she
 loved shopping and looking good, like I will assume you do too!

NOTE: if you read the word "Corexions" meaning adaptive alterations, that's my special word to honor my sister Corinne's experience with ALS

I also have the garment design expertise, the sewing skills, and the teaching ability, and a great company to help with the site (I am learning as I go!)

Why should everyone have to figure it out from scratch, I thought, maybe people don't know what the possibilities are! So I started this site.

How to Help

Yes, I will need your help too...

I will be asking you as men and women in wheelchairs (or with canes or walkers), to share your experiences your clothing finds, your adaptations, your photos if you wish. Your comments will mean a lot to me, and will help to help others.

That way we all can steer each other to the best solutions, and in so doing, help the marketplace to even better provide what is needed.

Again, here's the solution

Together we will look at

  • stores, local and international
  • catalogue shopping and 
  • online shopping, focusing on needs for women in wheelchairs.

Plus I will offer some alterations advice for clothes from the mall...
so you can really “bewheelchairfashionable”.

So put the brake on, and have a read. Enjoy!


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